Baby Boomer, Catholic schoolgirl (can readily identify any plaid ever used in a parochial uniform) and ’70’s Playboy Bunny (another uniform—not plaid—blue satin), Barbara Camp insists that “God writes the best fiction, known as non-fiction." Your Soul: Fixer-Upper or Tear-Down? (The Bible Blueprint for Renovation and Rebuild!), features Camp’s scripture-inspired short stories that translate bulletproof, Biblical wisdom (both the Old and New Testaments) into everyman, everyday, modern metaphors.

“We live in the most intellectually and psychologically fascinating time in history. When else did you have the luxury of simultaneously reading the Greek classics or Shakespeare while listening to a Strauss waltz, doing your laundry, and cloning your livestock or even your pooch? All while revving from zero to a hundred in sixty seconds on FDA-approved, mind-altering, energy drinks. There’s so much to do and we do it all. All the time. It’s monumentally challenging to just be. By our very definition we are human be-ings, not human do-ings.

In a world of epic digital distraction, Camp invites you to meet the ultimate influencer, God. Throughout history billions of folks have followed Him long before social media—or any media—reared its all-consuming, highly addictive head. Today, everyone wants attention—red carpets, reality TV stars, celebrity chefs, politicians and armchair revolutionaries—yet assaulted with endless information we have virtually no attention span! And aggressive! Everyone wants to teach you a lesson, reminding me of Hunter Thompson’s willful response to the errant cattle wandering onto his property: “Stomp on the gas…and give them a taste of the chrome.”

Some have had a scary "religious" childhood and now want nothing to do with God. But lifelong conclusions formed at age fourteen are often irrelevant in adulthood. Just look at your hair. Witty, warm—and occasionally wacky—tales of Camp’s personal, ongoing demolition derby are featured in big picture themes including: technology and cell phones (Tower of Babel); designer food and designer bodies (The Last Supper); feminism, then and now (Samson & Delilah); the anti-hero protagonist in Martin Scorcese’s, Taxi Driver (Love your Neighbor as Yourself); deliverance from addiction (Lazarus); our individual DNA (The Creation of Adam); global religious persecution (The Nativity); the Hudson River as an alternative runway (Christ Walks on Water); God’s divine promise of provision (The Fish & Loaves of Bread) and many others.

As we worship the created versus the Creator, our painstakingly shellacked exteriors house anorexic souls whose idolatry spins wildly from golden calf to golden calf. Our hearts are teeming with dubious flim-flam. As if on apocalyptic cue, our world is plagued with rampant terrorism, threats of World War III, isolating pandemics, prolific gun—and every other garden variety of “entertainment”—violence, addiction, starvation, nuclear meltdowns, earthquakes, wildfires, volcanoes… and raging secularism. Popular thought continues to believe the natural can cure the natural while habitually ignoring the supernatural!

Dependence is written on every cell of your body—if you don’t believe this try not breathing for a while. You can survive 3 minutes without oxygen, 3 days without water, and 3 weeks without food. But first and foremost, Camp cannot survive a second without God and His infinite grace.

The Bible remains the best-selling book of all time, and as a primer, Fixer-Upper’s ancient to modern metaphors serve as a compass for both right-brain and left-brain thinkers—seekers and skeptics alike. Let neither the herd mentality nor a cancel-happy culture hit delete on the wild and woolly, whip-smart God Almighty and His eternal love for us. If God is love, got God?

your soul: fixer-upper or tear-down?
(the bible blueprint for renovation and rebuild!)

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ISBN Hardcover: 978-1-955901-48-2

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also by barbara camp

Published in 2007, partial Old Testament content from
on the seventh day GOD rested is updated and incorporated into
your soul: fixer-upper or tear-down? (the bible blueprint for renovation and rebuild!)