on the seventh day GOD rested

Syn’-chro-nic-i-ty: noun, ‘70’s Playboy Bunny Baby Boomer Turned Spiritual Scribe Translates

Old Testament into Soul-Stimulating Super-Tonic for

Today’s Trials and Tribulations—Timeless Truth In Modern Metaphors


NEW YORK CITY—Barbara Camp announces the publication of her book: on the seventh day GOD rested (33 New Lessons from the Old Testament) by iUniverse, Inc. Spirituality/Religion/Inspiration

“God, Googled Exists! 485,000,000 Search Results, Evidence of Deity, Experts Agree. With a quirky blend of wit, reverence and insight former Playboy Bunny, card-carrying member of the “Just Say Yes” and “Me Generation”, now committed believer, Barbara Camp refracts God’s purely iridescent light through a highly original prism in the New Old Testament: on the seventh day GOD rested.

Momentum (mo-men-tum) noun. Today’s exponentially increasing spirituality-seeking audience has lift-off, is airborne and gaining off-the-charts altitude. This pilgrim’s journey encyclopedically couples ancient bulletproof Biblical wisdom with contemporary everyman applications. Of 33 stories: Parting of the Red Sea celebrates space-age cancer treatment, Tower of Babel examines 21st century telecommunications, Samson and Delilah evaluates feminism—forty years later, Creation of Adam chronicles cracking the DNA code, Daniel’s Lion’s Den mirrors Wall Street indiscretion, Temptation in the Garden occupies present-day Iraq, Psalm 23 commemorates Dr. Martin Luther King’s immortal Letter from Birmingham City Jail and in Jonah, seventh day explores the cacophonous distraction eclipsing the most important voice of all—God’s.

From Spartacus to Solzhenitsyn, Sammy Sosa to Stradivari—and everything in between—on the seventh day GOD rested, illustrated with Camp’s original artwork, is so entertainingly distinctive in style it offers inspirational hope to everyone: from media moguls to Bible scholars…the spiritually curious to skeptics. Even God rested—and as seventh day so creatively encourages—you can too. This “Authorized Biography” is nothing short of right-on, right brain Biblical bliss.

Miracle (mir-a-kul) noun. God’s been performing them forever, and he’d gladly demonstrate a few for you.  What—you need more evidence?

Google him.

Hard Cover ISBN 978-0-595-70524-5 $27.95

Soft Cover ISBN# 978-0-595-46311-4 $17.95

Available for immediate order through iUniverse.com, Amazon.com, BN.com, Borders, Barnes & Noble as well as internet venues and retail stores worldwide.

about barbara camp:

Following her Midwest childhood and studying Interior Design at the University of Illinois Camp spent ex-patriot years in Milan, London and Paris as a fashion industry makeup artist. New York City has been home for over two decades where her hobbies include snapping SX-70 Polaroids and hunting for treasure at tag sales.  Having read the entire Bible a lucky thirteen times Camp concludes: this is good tasting tuna! On the seventh day GOD rested is her first book—a New Testament sequel is in the wings.